Good morning everyone

And welcome to my first post of 2013.

I’m sure we’re all surprised to be here. At least, those of us of an alternative, esoteric, pro-ancient-civilisation-calendar persuasion.

I have been writing this blog for 11 months now. And every day, it has given me pleasure, insight, and a growing stomach ulcer with the amount of caffeine-consumption taking place before breakfast. While I realize that most of my readers only flick over occasionally to have a look at the political cartoons – I am quietly proud of the learning that has taken place for me as the blogger.

And now. Now I am on holiday.

So I thought that it might be good to pre-prepare some daily posts to arrive in your inboxes while I’m away. I wanted to call this series of posts: “Things I’ve realized about economics and the world and people in general and what everyone else should be realizing too”, but that seemed a bit long-winded.

So I’ve settled on:

“Just an observation”

Also: it’s good to reflect.

Happy 2013 to you.