About: The Blogger

The basics:

  1. I have a Masters in Finance.
  2. I’m an accountant by trade (specifically, one of the CA (SA) crowd).
  3. I’m also one of the CFA crowd.
What I do:

My day job involves fixing companies. The blog posts happen before everyone else gets to work.

Apart from that, I mostly like to read.

Please feel free to send any suggestions for blog posts. Either comment on one of the posts (I try to read every comment), or mail me at [email protected].


  1. Warren Wheatley

    Categorically the best article I have read on the ABIL issue…

  2. Stew

    Where is the subscribe link? I found it on your home page but it updated and loaded another article faster than I could type in my email address… Unless this is natural selection in action? 😉

    • Jayson

      Haha – perhaps!

      I’ve just updated the wordpress software. Maybe try the home page again? The subscribe option should still be in the top right corner 🙂

      Hope that helps!

  3. Hugh Sutherland

    Hi Jayson,
    Of course, Shareholder Value is being left out of this discussion. This is the stuff that motivates investors to start a company and employ people, despite the risks involved. Normally, the higher the risk the greater the return required, and this is more or less what establishes Shareholder Value. For a start, SA is a very high risk over-traded investment environment due to unrealistic political ambitions, where investors are targeted as the “evil ones” exploiting the poor. Well the ones that are saying this need to take a look at what they are saying and doing! The poor are not being robbed by the rich and these people (political parties scavenging for votes) should take stock of why we have so many “poor” people in SA, and furthermore, what taxpayers (the rich) are getting for their Tax rand.
    The thrust to “get even” is destroying this country and the only way the “poor” are going to get rich is for them to uplift their personal Value by virtues that are common in countries that don’t have a wealth gap like SA.


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