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Why are there still Trump supporters?

A biblical prophecy, and weird brain chemistry.

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The Third Party Candidate

There are two. Both are getting too much consideration.

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The Debate. Oh, the SHADE of it all…

Gettin' not gettin' braggadocious

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Who Owns America’s National Debt?

Mostly people that never want it to be repaid...

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US National Debt? Meh, whatevs.

But what of the national assets though?

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The Cost of Building That Wall

And how Mexico really might end up paying for it. If it happens.

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Epipen and America’s Drug Ads

Why healthcare is one market that should be regulated?

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How did the Party of Lincoln become the Party of Trump?

From the abolishment of slavery to building a wall... But how though.

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Trumperism: A Debt Transcript #PantsOnFire

Here’s a clip of Donald J. Trump talking economic policy with CNBC last week. And here’s the transcript (typed by yours truly): Interviewer: “You’ve raised a lot of eyebrows with your position on debt and treasury bills. In an interview the other day, you said you might try to purchase it at a discount – won’t […]

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From this website...

Why Trump.

  Andrew Sullivan has a new long article (very long) in New York Magazine. It’s called “Democracies end when they are too democratic“, and it’s about 8,000 words of breathtaking. I strongly recommend spending a moment this Worker’s Day morning to have a read. I also have two sections that I’d like to highlight, in case 8,000 […]

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