I need to abstain from writing too much about the #AntiZumaMarches today. I’ve started at least three posts, with varying degrees of self-introspection. And eventually they all turned out too academic and clinical. The feelings of the protesters are too raw for that. And I don’t think it’s clear yet what the dominant narrative of today will be.

We can hope that #SAUnites will win out. But I do have some concerns with what’s appearing on twitter. Because you really don’t want these to be your lasting impressions:

This might just be the most middle-class thing I’ve ever seen
I have no words. And I wish that this sign had no words as well. Or, at least, that it had less aggressive ones.

Encouragingly, the larger protests in the city centres (ie. not the roadside ones) don’t seem to have that tone.

Good luck out there to everyone marching.

And let’s try to keep it civil.

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