One of my new favourite things about a Saturday is the release of the weekly update of the Slate Money Podcast, hosted by Felix Salmon. I realise that this makes me a nerd. But the Slate Money podcast is very satisfying – and its length conveniently lasts the drive from my house to almost anywhere in Johannesburg on a Saturday evening.

One of the regulars on the podcast is Cathy O’Neil, a former finance quant turned anti-Wall Street activist who I disagree with most of the time because extremism is extremely tiresome and often inconsistent and almost always impracticable. But she does talk about Big Data a lot – and Big Data is all the rage. What with Edward Snowden and the NSA, etc.

Although I gather that most people who know anything about Big Data are bit like “NSA? Yawn. You really know nothing about these things. The NSA is the least of your big data concerns. No but seriously. But you really know nothing.”

Personally, I’m a fan of the “Everything is probably already known – so best enjoy the fact that you no longer need to watch adverts for products that aren’t really applicable – like tampon ads for guys” school of thought. Also known as the school of silver linings.

Anyway – I recently saw a clip that gives you an idea of the scale. Because I think it’s something that we miss.

So watch it here – it’s breathtakingly magnificent.

For the email subscribers – you’ll need to click through to the webpage to watch it, or you can click on the link to take you through to where it was originally posted.

Happy weekend!

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