The Great Bitcoin Hyperdeflation

A shortage of supply. And what about those futures?

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monetary pluralism cash and bitcoin

Monetary Pluralism: The Future of Money, Cash and Bitcoin

15 points about Bitcoin, Monetary Pluralism, and: "As money, Bitcoin sucks."

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bitcoin and its ten thousand dollar journey

This $10,000 Bitcoin Journey that we’re on

A year of bitcoin market cap milestones.

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smart contracts

Smart Contracts: How They Work

The outsourcing of trust to a decentralised network.

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crypto universe

The Crypto Universe, and the price of ethereum

And a quick Ethereum thought...

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Tethers and bitfinex

Tether, Bitfinex, and Leveraging The Cryptocurrency Bubble

A fiat-backed cryptocurrency? Seems weird.

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bitcoin hyperinflation

Bitcoin Hyperinflation: How To Print Cryptocurrency

A step-by-step guide to organising your own altcoin with a massive market cap. All you need is the right exchange.

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Dear Bitcoin Fans, I have some questions

The bitcoin story seems to have some massive contradictions. Help.

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Bitcoin Cash

The bitcoin fork that will make bitcoin cash.

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international payment system

International Payment Costs: Bitcoin v Credit Card v EFT

And also, how long an international payment takes to clear.

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