roaring twenties

Roaring Twenties! Um, welcome back?

After the Spanish Flu, we had a decade of exuberance. Perhaps after Covid, we're get the Roaring Twenty Twenties?

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Personal Finance: involves more persons than you think

Why are your personal finance goals under budget? It's all the people that you didn't take into account. But that might be a good thing.

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Post Covid investing

Post Covid Investing: good for assets, bad for returns

Do we know what investing will look like post Covid? Yes, I think we do.

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Coronavirus, Lockdowns, and our Post Corona Lives

Why is Coronavirus hitting high income countries so badly? What lessons from Wuhan have we not learned? And what will life be like in a post-Corona world?

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printing money

Printing Cash and Printing Money are not the same thing

Printing cash is a Central Bank's job. Printing money is something else.

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zimbabwe dollar

Zimbabwe Dollar: The 2019 Edition

The Zimbabwe Dollar is back - but is it really here to stay? And what those RBZ measures really mean.

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Zimbabwe Drops The RTGS Peg to the USD

We've stopped pretending that RTGS does not officially exist.

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Personal Finance Revolution

A Personal Finance (R)Evolution

Personal finance is not just savings and spreadsheets. It's time for a new paradigm - one that is a bit more balanced.

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decentralization and the future of money

Decentralization and the Future of Money

Is crypto really the future, or was money undergoing its own form of decentralization already? Also, some lessons from historical decentralizations...

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money transfer tax

Zimbabwe and its new 2% money transfer tax

Dedollarisation, redollarisation, and money transfer tax in between.

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