Zimbabwe and its running parallel rates

Demonetising bond notes, arbitrages, Old Mutual shares, and why was the RTGS rate crashing last week?

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spend away

I spend too much!

The saving-spending crisis: I have a rationalisation for you.

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I’m not paying for someone else’s mortgage!

And when your mortgage is really just rental paid to your bank.

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Zimbabwe Cash Crisis: The Rand Option

The Zimbabwe cash crisis: illustrated. And how to adopt the Rand.

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money and its technological failures

Money and its technological failures

Over the last few days, Zimbabwe’s mobile money system, Ecocash, has struggling to stay online. For non-Zimbabweans, it is hard to appreciate the scale of this problem. Zimbabwe’s economy is involuntarily cashless – which means that the primary methods of payment are debit cards, bank transfers, and mobile money.┬áBut for a country that is largely […]

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south africa rand

The Global Rand

The Rand as a proxy for China - and not what you want to be in a trade war.

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Zimbabwe Cash Crisis

The Zimbabwe Cash Crisis: how do we solve it?

To solve the Zimbabwe cash crisis, we can do better than bringing back the Zimbabwe dollar. What about bringing back two of them?

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Auditors aren’t all knowing: in defence of KPMG

But capitalism needs auditors regardless.

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personal data

Personal Data: Learning To Live Publicly

Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and what it may mean to live in a "post-privacy" world. It might be both easier and harder than we think.

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A Rolling Alpha Update

Less is more. And a mini-reflection on open-mindedness.

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