I’m about to be travelling for the holidays.

Over the next few days, I will pack my suitcase and painfully head to the airport – “painfully” because I will repeatedly have to stop and check that I have, in fact, put my passport in my backpack, and then check that the passport is mine, and then that the passport didn’t fall out when I checked to see that it was in fact there and that it was in fact mine.

But eventually, there will be a moment where boarding passes will have been printed and security checks will have been passed and the immigration officers will have stamped my by-this-point-quite-sweaty passport. And then I will go to the bookshop and spend a glorious 20 minutes rifling around for something to read on the plane.

Even though I have an entire library of books stored on my e-reader.


Because the book is not dead. And because there is something deeply satisfying about in-person browsing that has not yet been replicated by the Apple Bookstore.

Thanks this website
Thanks this website

Happy Christmas Eve!

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