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Chart: Economic Freedom in Africa

And how it compares to GDP per capita

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The Hubbub About Global Wealth Inequality

Following on from my earlier posts on US wealth inequality, I went looking and found another (more awesome) clip – this time, it’s on global wealth inequality. If you haven’t watched this video, you should (it’s slick): And here’s the link for anyone that can’t see it in their inbox. If you’re happy to take […]

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Tax-oh-no-mics 101: the Zimbabwean Lesson

I recently went to a breakfast where the topic of presentation at the table was Zimbabwe’s draft Income Tax bill. A bill that is, as yet, still being amended (and that most hope will be subject to a great deal more amendment before it arrives as Law). If the bill is passed, it will come […]

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Foreign Aid and Political Patronage

Last night, I went to a Roundtable for Accountability hosted by the Helen Suzman Foundation. It all sounds very snooty – and I got to use the word “hobnob” in more than one conversation. One of the speakers at this event was Dr Mamphela Ramphele, the founder of South Africa’s newest opposition party Agang. And […]

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Africa: The Last Investment Frontier

Recently, I had to make a bit of a career move decision. The question really being: “should I stay on the home continent – with all the red tape that being white and male and Zimbabwean entails?” I should probably admit that this life crisis took place on a beach in Mozambique’s Bazaruto Peninsula, with […]

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