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Alibaba: and Yahoo. Specifically: Excuse Me?

So as we all know, Alibaba had an IPO last week, in which many people didn’t manage to buy BABA:US shares at $68 (my posts on it can be found here and here). “But don’t worry,” said the experts (and, embarrassingly, me too), “you can take advantage of that situation by buying Yahoo shares.” Well. […]

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Alibaba IPO: But What Happened To The $68?!

You might be a bit forgiven for getting distracted on Friday. All kinds of exciting things were happening: The Scotland referendum results (alright UK – it’s your turn now). The public shaming of Alex Salmond. The release of the new iPhone 6s (involving long queues, size-of-pocket complaints, and the first iPhone 6 ever sold getting dropped […]

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Alibaba: Open SesaNYSE

There are strange things happening in the world: Scotland seems to think it can separate from the United Kingdom without ramification (f***wits, if you’ll pardon my cockney). There is the rising threat of an Islamic Caliphate (is this the 7th Century?). U2 just gave away an entire album on iTunes. To everyone. For free. Oddly, I am most concerned […]

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