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How did the Party of Lincoln become the Party of Trump?

From the abolishment of slavery to building a wall... But how though.

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Trumperism: A Debt Transcript #PantsOnFire

Here’s a clip of Donald J. Trump talking economic policy with CNBC last week. And here’s the transcript (typed by yours truly): Interviewer: “You’ve raised a lot of eyebrows with your position on debt and treasury bills. In an interview the other day, you said you might try to purchase it at a discount – won’t […]

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Why Trump.

  Andrew Sullivan has a new long article (very long) in New York Magazine. It’s called “Democracies end when they are too democratic“, and it’s about 8,000 words of breathtaking. I strongly recommend spending a moment this Worker’s Day morning to have a read. I also have two sections that I’d like to highlight, in case 8,000 […]

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Brokered Conventions #Elections2016

I’m not sure how many other non-Americans are actively following the nomination process as it rolls out, but it feels like a horse race. I realised yesterday that I’ve unwittingly ended up as a Hillary supporter, with no real reasons other than: I wrote a post in January saying that 2016 would probably be her […]

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Shutdowns and Affordable Health Care

This post was not part of my plan for the week – but who am I to resist a little dig at the Republican party? Well, that; and I’ve been doing some question & answering on this topic for a few days now. What The Hell Is Going On? The short story: The US Constitution […]

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America Five Years’ On…

We’re now five years down the line from that moment when the world watch Lehman Brothers collapse. And obviously, President Obama offered all Americans some words to mark the occasion. Here’s a transcript. The Summarised Verson The real victim of the financial crisis was the US auto industry. And, you know, the Investment Banks. The […]

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The US Inequality Myth. Sort of.

The world is filled with ranters*: *myself included And you should watch it. It raises some interesting points. Here’s the summary: Some researchers found a reasonably large sample size of Americans. They asked the sample to hypothetically split the US population into fifths. And then take the US accumulated wealth of around $54 trillion, and […]

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“Immoral Student Loans”? Oh Please.

I’ve mentioned this before: but I recently realised that somewhere in my childhood, I developed the deep-seated belief that anything I eat ought to be delicious. Which means: I am regularly disappointed; because if you search for flaws, you can find them. Despite this, when disappointed, I whinge about it – to my dinner companion, […]

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Link: it’s like the American Version of a British sitcom, except less funny. In a month of grand measures, Ben Bernanke came out of the monetary closet and announced a string of homeownersexually-stimulating parties by buying up $40 billion of MBS a month. The key points: Open-ended Purchases Of $40 billion worth of mortgage securities […]

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Swap rates suggest 0% interest rates in the States until 2015. Article of the day link: let’s look at the swap curve. Okay – so I wanted to look at the swap curve, but unfortunately the ISDAFIX® is hard to track down. So I give you this: Which is the US treasury curve (or yield curve), […]

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