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The International Owners of US Debt

The countries that own US debt. And vice versa.

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america's wealth tax

America’s Debt: is it really just a wealth tax?

What happens when the wealthy also have a vested interest in America's debt, because they need her to borrow from them?

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America Debt Trap

“America doesn’t have too much debt”?

What Paul Krugman and Cullen Roche have in common

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America's Public Debt

$20 trillion of America’s Public Debt

America's Public Debt has a new reference figure.

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Who Owns America’s National Debt?

Mostly people that never want it to be repaid...

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US National Debt? Meh, whatevs.

But what of the national assets though?

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US Government Debt: Visualised

So this is the last of the great visualisations: US Government Debt*. *my email subscribers probably won’t be able to watch this in their mailbox – I’ve linked to it above, or you can watch it directly on the RollingAlpha¬†website. Tomorrow morning’s post should be fresh!

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USA Debt Explained

News: I am taking a vacation. It’s nearly the New Year, so I am taking a few weeks to time out. That does not mean that RollingAlpha stops though – it just means that I am writing this post to you from the past (date of writing – Saturday 9 November). The posts might be […]

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Debt Deals and Let’s Mock Ted Cruz

Seeing as the Senate and the House finally came to their senses last night, I felt it only fair to prepare something scathing about that tom-fool Ted Cruz, with his annoying haircut and strange obsession with Dr Seuss. Here’s a picture: Here is a video clip of him reading “Green Eggs and Ham” to Congress. […]

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