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knowledge bias and triangles

Knowledge Bias: Most Of What We Know Is Wrong

I learned something about triangles. Also, I appear to have been wrong all along.

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prospect theory

Prospect Theory: All the payoffs

A slightly-preachy example of political prospect theory. Because why not.

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Cognition: Being The Best Version Of Yourself

It seems that there are more people in your head than you'd think.

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Cognitive Bias

A cheat sheet

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the economics of whatsapp for free

Keep Whatsapp Free…

Why are we so put out by a $0.99 per year possible subscription charge? It's only a DOLLAR more than before. I mean, seriously.

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Hermes birkin bag

You Can’t Buy That $60,000 Birkin Bag. Sorry.

Positional goods... When it comes to $60,000 handbags, the question is not who has that much money. It's "Why do you have to beg to spend it?"

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Yes, I will have a marshmallow. Thank you.

And no, I won't wait.

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Don’t listen to successful people?


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The Economics of Freemium Games

Why (and how) they're designed to make so much money

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All Our Imperfections…

20 Cognitive Biases that screw up your decisions

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