Category: Behavioral Economics

wine and price

The Power Of Price: It Makes Expensive Wines Taste Better

It's all in your head, Harry.

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irrationality and coffee

Irrationality: Traveling 10 Miles To Save 10 Bucks

And/or queuing for coffee. For hours. For what?

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How Cognitive Bias Affects Everyday Decisions

There is plenty of cognitive bias in the world. Here are 10.

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Richard Thaler: 2017 Nobel Laureate for Economics

Thaler and the rise of behavioral economics.

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Neuroeconomics: A Primer

It's just behavioural science, really, But what a great name.

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facts and checking them

Facts don’t matter

Is there such a thing as too much education?

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fact-checking trump

Why fact-checking can’t stop Trump’s lies

A youtube clip that you should check out.

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difficult decision-making

Decision-Making: Why Good People Do Bad Things

I'm calling it "the delusion of mutually-exclusive decisions". Or a series of unfortunate events.

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knowledge bias and triangles

Knowledge Bias: Most Of What We Know Is Wrong

I learned something about triangles. Also, I appear to have been wrong all along.

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prospect theory

Prospect Theory: All the payoffs

A slightly-preachy example of political prospect theory. Because why not.

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