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Let Whats-Her-Name Hunt Lions

I see that the Daily Maverick (and my friend Diana) beat me to the punch with this post. And you should definitely read this article: In Defence Of A Lion Killer. Personally – I was a bit bored by the “criticising Melissa is sexist” section. But it’s the second part that’s more interesting. As an […]

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In A Manner Of Speaking…

One of the by-products of writing a blog is a close acquaintance with words. And, more relevantly, a slight fascination with them. Let me pause right here and say: Yes, this is still going to be a post about finance and economics. Yes, linguistics will be involved. And, actually, economics is a social science, so language […]

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Mindless Compliance

Observation: venture capitalism as an economic system has made many of us more opportunistic than we perhaps would have been otherwise. And as a relatively obnoxious and morally-ambivalent individual, this has suited me just fine. And by that, I mean that I try not to take responsibility for someone else’s willingness to go with the […]

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Boicotta Barilla? Meh

Drama! Some background story: Barilla pasta is pretty awesome. It’s the brand I buy – or, at least, it’s the brand that I used to buy when I openly ate carbohydrate*. *Today, I don’t buy carbohydrate in supermarkets. Instead, I seem to eat a lot of dessert in restaurants. Yes – it’s irrational. The Barilla […]

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The Trouble With Car Guards

There is a standard South African anecdote that explains why we pay car guards: so that they don’t damage the car while we’re not there. Obviously, that’s ridiculous. Because we tip car guards on departure, not arrival – so how are they to know if they should key your C-class in advance? Which makes it […]

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The Economics of Online Dating: A Market For Lemons

It's almost like math. Let's call it "maximising the probability of success".

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The Rich Are People Too

The psychology of the wealthy.

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We’re Up All Night To Get Lucky

Today’s post has actually already been posted on another website ( Yes – my very first guest blog! Here’s the link: Man Can Live By Luck Alone Please visit it, read it, comment on it, and most importantly: retweet it and share it on facebook. Firstly, because I want to be invited back. And secondly, […]

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The Economic Theory of Relativity

This is not a post about Einstein. I briefly attempted to wiki Einstein’s General Theory; and realised, from the second line, that even the phrase “out of my depth” would be inappropriate – because it implies that I may have “some” depth when it comes to physics. In fact – I have anti-depth. Most of […]

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