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international payment system

International Payment Costs: Bitcoin v Credit Card v EFT

And also, how long an international payment takes to clear.

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Bitcoin Fork: if this article makes no sense to you…

...then you probably shouldn't be buying Bitcoin right now.

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Bitcoin v Electronic Money

The differences between bitcoin and electronic money.

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Cryptocurrencies gone mad: a broken exchange?

Here's a sexy theory for you, involving a broken Bitcoin exchange and a spate of "ICOs".

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The new Bitcoin Bubble – but will it pop?

In the last 12 hours, Bitcoin has had an astonishing run. Also in the last 12 months. Basically, since the beginning.

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How a Bitcoin transaction works

Bitcoin, blockchain, hashes and nonces...

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Bitcoin is now 99% Chinese

99% of all Bitcoin trades take place on Chinese exchanges. 99% of all Bitcoin trades involve the Chinese yuan. There are graphs.

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Bitcoin: The Burglary That Broke It

And some mad facts about Bitcoin in China.

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Bitcoin by half

A massive milestone without any noticeable impact. Apparently.

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