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Daily News Roundup 2012: Wednesday 9 May

Good morning The headlines: John Taylor of FX Concepts (a hedge fund guy) says that Greece will exit the Euro this year. Link: Actually, Taylor reckons that it may be as soon as next month. Well exactly – how often can Greece actually go to the polls and fail to form a government? Given that it […]

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The Bugger of Bad Bonuses

So the article of the day: The big traders are abandoning Wall Street in favour of Hedge Funds. Link: As they should. All the big guys that do the cowboy thing and earn fun bonuses in cash are now being denied those bonuses in their former glory (those bonuses have been capped). So they’re leaving to join […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Tuesday 31 January

It’s important to start something new on the last day of the month. So I’ve been up for a bit, abused my iPad slightly, and I’ve decided on a hierarchy of news applications: Bloomberg – obviously. However, Bloomberg is quite technical, and assumes a fair amount of pre-knowledge for anyone interested in doing this on […]

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What is: The Daily News Roundup

I decided that I should probably make an effort to post a little something everyday. While it’s awesome to write longer pieces with something specific in mind, a little regularity never hurt anyone. And as I thought about it while I was running this morning, I realised that the business news is an area that […]

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