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Brexit Negotiations: The Three Sticking Points

Money, people, borders - but mostly money.

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Brexit: Visualised

All the brexit options, in one picture.

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Brexit means brexit

Brexit really did mean Brexit

Laying out the terms of the EU-UK divorce. Tick.

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Post-Factual Democracy

In case you haven’t read this, you should: “Post-factual democracy” is such a great way of describing the hegemony of disinformation. We live in a world where politicians can focus on a mythical figure of £350 million per week, and claim that a “Leave” vote will stop immigration. It’s the same world in which Donald Trump can claim to […]

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Brexit-ed. [Under Advisement]

So, we all woke up this morning to this: Followed pretty quickly by: David Cameron’s resignation. Nigel Firage backtracking over the transfer of EU contributions to the NHS. There are also two images dominating all my social media feeds: That second is usually accompanied by some comment along the lines of “If you’re too old […]

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Brexit Polling

It’s awful. Look at this: For ages, there was a massive discrepancy between telephone polls and online polls. And it’s part of the problem with newspapers reporting on how the polls are shifting, because what are they actually talking about though? They’re basically taking the average responses of two groups of people: People with landlines who […]

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The Brexit Myths

Following on from yesterday’s post, I spent some time reading a whitepaper from Rathbone Brothers PLC (they’re an large investment manager in the UK). It’s called “If You Leave Me Now”, which is a rather snappy title, I thought. In the whitepaper, they mythbust five ‘myths’ around Brexit: Myth 1: Restricting migrants from the EU will lead […]

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Brexiting The EU Housing Estate

The Brexit referendum takes place on Thursday. And it’s weird, because this particular debate seems to be endlessly circular. It’s ‘very important’, and I meet a lot of people who care an awful lot about it – but when it comes down to facts and economic outcomes and actual pros and cons, it feels like they’re all a bit […]

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