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Financial Deregulation: the Donald, the Dimon and the Dodd-Frank

Financial schizophrenia, executive orders, low-hanging fruit, casual nepotism. Just your average new world order day.

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What is all this talk about Banks and Basel?

When I was just a young accounting kid, growing up in a small-town office family*, I used to have regular email communications with the worldly cousins in the Big City**. We would visit once or twice a year (they never visited us) and stay in out-of-town lodges located near the South African equivalent of strip […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Wednesday 1 February

So, the news that I’m reading: The Eurozone Debt Crisis Greece one step away from Debt Deal (Associated Press via CNBC) link: Europe’s Central Bank can’t fix “dysfunctional” EU (CNBC) link: What happens if Greece defaults? (CNBC) Link: Slide 11 is frankly unnecessary. Portugal Pressures ECB to Halt Contagion (Bloomberg) Link: The key points: Everything […]

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