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liberal v conservative

Conservative v Liberal

The 'pulling oneself up by one's genetic bootstraps' argument.

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Crashes, Routs, And We Shouldn’t Have Worried?

A year ago, we were calling the arrival of the Bear Market. Only, hang on, what?

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The Great Political Economy Polarization

This apparent split between the successful and the unsuccessful...

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The Value-Price Misconception

Why CEOs earn more than teachers.

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“A History of Share Prices”

Who do we blame for this massive deviation from the norm? Can we really blame the Fed of all things?

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The Multinational Tax Fallacy

You can't talk about claiming money that should never have been yours...

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“Economics is for Everyone”

This excellent youtube clip...

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Yes, All The Debt. But: What Of All The Assets?

You can't talk about 'solvency' if all you talk about is debt. It's like trng t tlk nglsh wtht th vwls... #gibberish

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Ten Men Go Out For A Beer…

Surprise! This isn't really a good analogy for a tax system. Also, here's my alternative take.

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The Tale of Three Brothers #Fallacy

Progressive taxation and conjugal visits...

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