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Apple products

Apple, why aren’t your products cheaper?

Preamble: I wrote this post about Apple products (and Apple pricing!) a few years ago. I’m re-sharing it today. Mainly because I re-found the ‘bad advice’ tumblr blog over at the Establishment (this sentence will make sense shortly). And spoiler alert: that tumblr blog is still awesome. One of my favourite ways of occupying time […]

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GMO foodstuffs

Yes, But We Need GMO Though

Go go GMO. All the way. Yes. Because the economic alternatives are worse.

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Legalizing The Trade in Rhino Horn

Or could this all be trumped by a clever facebook campaign?

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astrology and the science of birthdays

The Economic Explanation for… Astrology?

How your birthday affects your life - and might even explain the long-standing belief in Astrology and star signs as predictors of your personality...

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mogadishu and somalia

Mogadishu: How Cities Go Free Marketeering

There is an economic story behind the civil war in Somalia, and it centers on Mogadishu. Because what happens when an urban population grows too quickly?

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Are we heading for Financial Armageddon?

The internet is filled with financial prophets of doom, all proclaiming the Fiat Money End Times. Should we be worried that they're right?

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uber and the metered taxi strikes

Uber and the Metered Taxis: It’s Not About Price

Yes, Uber might be cheaper - but why aren't the metered taxi drivers demanding that Uber raise its prices? Something...doesn't add up.

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love economics, and balloons

Love Economics: the art of partnering up

Finding a partner might be a game of economic efficiency. And isn't that historically accurate?

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toy economies and babysitting

Toy Economies: a recession of babysitters

A short tale of economic whimsy. And a recession. And then shortages.

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All the fake news

Fake News: hunting for the truth algorithm

You know what a truth algorithm is? It's a regulation. I mean, it might be a good one. But it's still a regulation.

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