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art investing

How Art Gets Its Value

How investors decide whether an artwork is worth it.

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the economics of life in abundance

The Economics of Life In Abundance

Is there a less economic answer to the economic problem of scarcity?

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desk management styles

Desk Management: Order v Chaos

When is it okay for your desk to be a mess?

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the economics of spite

The Economics of Spite

The people that cut off their noses to spite (your) face.

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the economic theory of rationality

The Economic Theory of Relativity. Or: Rationality

This is not a post about Einstein. It is a post about wine. And our struggles with truth and rationality.

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the economics of business class

“Let Them Fly Coach”: The Economics of Business Class

Airlines make their money off business class passengers. It means that economy class passengers can fly more for less.

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autonomous vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles: And How Much Is A Human Life Worth?

What happens when the incalculable has to be calculated in advance?

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The Equality Myth

Meet Francesca and Betty. Betty is about to go into debt.

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free parking

The Economics of Free Parking

How free parking has changed the way cities are built #youtubeclip

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net neutrality

Net Neutrality: Why We’re Protesting For It

Two year ago, net neutrality had won. Today, it's back to square one.

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