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Why does tithing work? Here’s a cynical response.

Religious charlatans, the business of tithing, and circles of luck.

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Vaccine Myths

The power of human narratives. And the abuse of it.

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the hidden costs of meat

The Hidden Costs of What We Eat

Almost everything has hidden costs.

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Theresa May might be a hedgehog

Theresa May Be A Hedgehog #BadCall

There are two types of forecasters in the world: foxes and hedgehogs. Theresa May is the latter.

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language and time perception

Language: we literally see the world differently

Semantics matter, apparently.

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the frugality myth

Avocadon’t: The Frugality Myth

Poor people are poor because of all the brunches.

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Purchasing Power

The Power of Purchasing Power

Worried about planning a holiday? This map will show you where to get the best deal. Because purchasing power, guys. It matters.

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Apple products

Apple, why aren’t your products cheaper?

Preamble: I wrote this post about Apple products (and Apple pricing!) a few years ago. I’m re-sharing it today. Mainly because I re-found the ‘bad advice’ tumblr blog over at the Establishment (this sentence will make sense shortly). And spoiler alert: that tumblr blog is still awesome. One of my favourite ways of occupying time […]

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GMO foodstuffs

Yes, But We Need GMO Though

Go go GMO. All the way. Yes. Because the economic alternatives are worse.

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