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The Curious Case of Nasdaq and the FB Losses

Article of the day: Nasdaq approves a $40 million plan to cover Facebook losses. Link: But why? So the exchange has earmarked $40 million for the settlement with investors. And by that, what they mean is the original $13.7 million in cash, with the rest being settled through reduced trading costs. To summarise what went […]

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The Facebook IPO: Bitches Be Crazy

Recently, I have been paying attention to a number of news stories. In no particular¬†order: The Facebook IPO First, some key points: Listing on a Stock Exchange is usually for good reasons – it is NOT just the next logical step in the success ladder; “Retail Interest” is an investment banking euphemism for “bitches be […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Monday 21 May

Good morning The headlines: Mark Zuckerberg got married. Link:¬†Improving Facebook Relations with China. His new wife is Priscilla Chan. MZ managed to wear a suit. He designed the ring himself. They got married in a garden. When your social highlights become a Bloomberg news item, you KNOW that you’re IT royalty. Trade disorder caused some […]

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The Facebook IPO Stories!

The Facebook IPO stories: Facebook has raised $16 billion in “record” offering. Link: And it starts trading today. They sold at the top end of the range ($38 a share), which is crazy. 421.2 million shares. That values the company at $104.2 billion. But, I suppose, even though I think that price is unjustifiably high (and […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Thursday 17 May

Good morning The headlines: The Democrat Senate rejects five different budget plans. Link: WHAT is going on? It seems that the Republicans used some obscure rule to force the Senate to rule on all their proposed budgets (in a single day?) –  as an attempt to embarrass the Democrats for failing to organise a budget for the […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Monday 7 May

Good morning The headlines: Sarkozy is no longer: enter Hollande and the French Socialists. So the Socialists have won, and Hollande rides into French Presidential power on the back of “No to austerity”, “I’m not Sarkozy” and “No more presidential bling-bling”. Actually – that’s not entirely accurate. The parliamentary elections still need to take place […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Friday 4 May

Good morning The headlines: After all the excitement of the last few days, Mario Draghi says nothing about further stimulus in the Eurozone. The official position of those expecting stimulus is “saying nothing means that he’s leaving the option open”. The argument about austerity is now a boring one: austerity kills growth and therefore the […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Wednesday 2 May

Good morning The headlines: The Facebook IPO Roadshow could begin as early as next week. This is the same roadshow that is causing scandal because Markie Mark Zucksabit is impolitely not attending. All the institutional investors are up in a huff and threatening to not invest. Personally, I think that not investing is the intelligent […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Monday 30 April

Good morning The headlines: Hedge funds are betting against the Eurozone. There is a core group of hedge fund managers (including John Paulson – who keeps being mentioned in books written by Michael Lewis) that has been rejoicing in the Long Term Refinancing Operations of the ECB. The theory is that German bonds are underpriced […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Wednesday 25 April

Good morning The headlines: Nomura Holdings, Japan’s largest brokerage, is expected to announce an increase in quarterly earnings. This is in spite of declines in investment banking – which initially surprised me, because brokerage houses don’t usually double as investment bankers. But then I recalled (via Bloomberg, Google and Wikipedia) that Nomura purchased Lehman Brothers’ […]

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