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Daily News Roundup 2012: Tuesday 24 April

Good morning The headlines: To make an observation about a general trend, the peoples of Europe are making their opposition to austerity measures known. France has just delivered a defeat to Sarkozy in favour of Hollande (the observation that keeps being made is how Sarkozy is the first incumbent to not come first in a […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Thursday 8 March

Good morning The headlines: Around 60% of private bondholders have signed up for the Greek Debt swap, according to Bloomberg. Obviously, that includes most of the big banks and insurers, who will hold the biggest volumes of greek bonds. The real question is, as a private bondholder, would I actively volunteer to take the swap? […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Thursday 2 February

After two days, I’ve realised two things: I have a tendency to ramble;  Rambling takes a long time. Today, I’m going to try something different with the format. This is meant to be short and sharp. The key points I picked up in the News today: The world is still very excited about Facebook’s upcoming IPO […]

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