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Multinational Tax: I Find The Argument Well Taxing

First off, I am no tax expert. And secondly, this topic definitely requires more than an off-the-top-of-head blog post on a Wednesday morning. However, the news of late has been dominated by much political outrage over the low taxation paid by the big multinationals: Starbucks and Apple and so on. Only yesterday, Tim Cook was […]

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How Ryanair Makes Money Off Delusions

Yesterday, Ryanair was delighted to announce that it had increased its profits by 13%. But the really interesting part of this story is that they only had 5% more flyers. So the question becomes: where did all this profit come from? Ryanair is famous for its unexpected charges. You constantly read these horror stories about […]

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The Psychology of Savings.

Not so long ago, I was a lowly article clerk earning a lowly salary. Of course – I still feel like I sit in the “lowly salary” segment – but then, much as now, it was because my idea of “life” involved going to awesome restaurants* and being able to buy climbing shoes because I’d […]

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China’s Counterfeit Condoms: Not Such a Bad Thing?

The Businessweek Article: China’s Counterfeit Condoms I mean – how could I resist? It’s a ready-made soapbox to stand up and make a counterargument about counterfeiting. And also, there are the condoms. About six months ago, I listened to Loretta Napoleoni give a lecture at the LSE* about her book “Maonomics”. And she made the […]

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Credit Card Charges: What You May Not Know

And what you should know

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Non-Profit Organisations. Kind of not at all what we think.

Here’s a headline: “Lehman Reaches Beyond Grave to Grab Millions From Nonprofits“ Spicy. It’s Twilight meets the Zombie Apocalypse meets CNBC’s Squawk on the Street. The background:  Lehman Brothers was the Too Big To Fail bank that failed in 2008. When the US government let Lehman collapse, the world was suddenly all “You’re joking – […]

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savings are important

Have You Really Done the Math? #SavingsAreImportant

I am in my late twenties. Most of my life is taken up by trying to restart exercising, checking facebook to see if anyone has like my last status update, typing and deleting tweets, agonising over the size of my twitter following, seeing how many more people have read today’s blog post since I last […]

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cash flow

Cash Flow. And a New Housing Market.

I have a growing list of things that are certain in life: Death Taxes Traffic Obnoxious opinions The madness of markets But I’d like to add something to the list: The ability of investment bankers to find and securitise any and every stream of cash flow. Cash Flows are a form of Moral Philosophy Statement: […]

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Poor People Think Differently

If I could ask all the deeply offended to hold back their outrage until the end of this post, that’d be great, thanks. After months of being distracted by other reading material*, I have finally started reading “Poor Economics” by Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo. And this week, happily, published an article on microfinancing […]

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bailout lending

Stuff You Should Know About Reserve Requirements

Disclaimer: this particular post is going to be fairly technical. And I’m doing it because I have readers in the finance/banking field who may or may not know what Basel III actually entails. But I have a post planned for tomorrow that might change the way you look at the poor (I’m very excited about […]

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