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Peer-to-Peer Lending: The Potential Downside

In today’s post: How peer-to-peer lending works; and How it could all go horribly wrong. The Technical Details The basic idea behind social lending is simple: There are depositor-lenders with money that they’d like to save in a place that offers a higher return than a fixed deposit; There are borrowers that either would prefer to […]

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P2P Lending for Small Business

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The Lending Club Story #P2P

Because I’m apparently having a week where I talk about fintech, here is an infographic that I found really cool: Some notes though: The S&P 500 comparison is one of those classic examples of selective data extraction. If the infographic had decided to start the observation period in the second quarter of 2009, there is just no […]

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All the FinTech Disruption

Here’s a chart of fintech awareness amongst banking executives: Let me just say that you can count me amongst the banking executives. Because I may have written a post about the technological unicorns and, specifically, Square – but I have no idea what it does. Something about payments technology, or summat. So this is my […]

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