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wealth of nations

The Wealth of Nations

Rolling Alpha posts opinions on finance, economics, and sometimes things that are only loosely related. Follow me on Twitter @RollingAlpha, and on Facebook at Also, check out the RA podcast on iTunes: The Story of Money.

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How Cognitive Bias Affects Everyday Decisions

There is plenty of cognitive bias in the world. Here are 10.

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great depression

The Great Depression

The life and times of the Great Depression

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great deflation

Famous Deflation: The Economic Causes

The causes of the Great Depression.

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roman empire coinage

Currency and the Collapse of the Roman Empire

Inflation by coin clipping

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strange currencies

The World’s Strangest Currencies

Stranger than paper?

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all the money and markets

All the World’s Money and Markets

An infographic of money and markets.

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market complexity

Market Complexity and Market Crashes

An infographic concern about snowflakes that cause avalanches.

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Weimar hyperinflation

Hyperinflation: An Infographic Guide

The Great Depression and the Weimar Hyperinflation

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economic history

2000 Years of Economic History

Although the first thousand years of economic history get brushed past extremely quickly.

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