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The Desks of the Famous

Hemingway worked standing up, while Arianna Huffington napped.

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richest people

The Richest People in Ancient History

When your wealth is described as a percentage of global GDP...

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future tech

A Timeline of Future Tech

An inforgraphic timeline of science soon-to-not-be-fiction

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modern us dollar

The Modern US Dollar

38 Fun US Dollar Facts, courtesy of the Money Project

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Vaccine Myths

The power of human narratives. And the abuse of it.

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Bitcoin v Electronic Money

The differences between bitcoin and electronic money.

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Ethereum: A Beginner’s Guide

You should know what ethereum is.

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us data people

Data: if the USA were 100 people

A youtube clip of US data

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data and the world of people

Data: If The World Were 100 People

A youtube clip of data.

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insurance claims

The Most Expensive Insurance Claims: Of All Time

And the subprime mortgage crisis tops the list.

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