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The Problem with Global Growth

There's math involved. Because high growth in a tiny county is (overall) not that important.

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Time: It’s There For The Taking

Time is a curiously modern thing. Which is weird, right?

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#AntiZumaMarches: This Civil Protest

Yoh. Some of these sign. My word.

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uber and the metered taxi strikes

Uber and the Metered Taxis: It’s Not About Price

Yes, Uber might be cheaper - but why aren't the metered taxi drivers demanding that Uber raise its prices? Something...doesn't add up.

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Cost of Living: The Petrol Sweat Index

Where is fuel really affordable? And where is it definitely not.

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The art of sagrada familia

The Art of Re-Creation

This is basically some shameless self-promotion. It's a link to an article that I wrote about art. And creativity. You may like it.

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The New Reformation

21st Century Reformation

Did we just witness the beginnings of a new Reformation? I think we did. Here is why.

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Google Data, this Black Friday

Goin' mobile

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Global Warming: An Infographic Timeline

There is apparently some good news in about a century's time...

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“Do you even know what a negative interest rate is?”

I don't think it's what you think it is. At least, not entirely.

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