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keynes and leisure

Learning to live with leisure

Keynes wrote about the economic possibilities of his generation's grandchildren. That would be us.

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Keynes vs Hayek: The Rap Video Round 2

Here is the sequel to yesterday’s post: “Fight of the Century” For the background to this post, check out yesterday’s “Keynes vs Hayek: The Rap Video“. Here’s the trouble: one part of Keynes’ argument in favour of government spending is that, in the long run, we’re all dead. He said that in the 1930s. Keynes […]

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Keynes vs Hayek: The Rap Video

Here it is: “Fear the Boom and Bust” I’m not entirely sure how I came across this video – it seems like the kind of thing that a group of high-end LSE students would make in their spare time, to express their Hayekian frustration in a Keynesian world. But because the Hayek-Keynes debate has been […]

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