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G-8 says Greece should stay

The article of the day. Link: Uh huh – but what if it’s too L-8. Mr. Obama is supporting Mr. Hollande in his pro-growth policies. And poor Angela M is finding herself the last austerity stalwart/bulwark/any-other-misunderstood-nouns. My question: should Obama really be dishing out the economic advice? Yes – things look to be improving in America […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Thursday 10 May

Good morning The headlines: Officials begin publicly discussing Greece’s Euro Exit. Mostly, just the German minister saying “if Greece wants to go, we can’t make her stay”. And an analyst saying that they’re already out politically – now it’s just a question of timing and orderliness. Oh, and the guy from Luxembourg saying that it […]

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Leaving the Euro: Such a Cost

All of them.

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