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Is Cambist illegal or lying, and how does it make money?

When one is watching rugby in a pub, with a frothy Amstel, while awaiting a wood-fired pizza, you occasionally see adverts spin across the Supersport screen for Cambist. Cambist offers you a 19.5% return on your money, and is generally responsible for this type of obscenity: So what is Cambist? Cambist is an online platform, […]

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Willy’s Choke-a-lot Factory has arrived in South Africa. I have seen the adverts on M-net. Welcome welcome. Your adverts are so Madam-&-Eve-style cute. So you know how I’m such a fan of microcredit? And how I love me a payday loan? Because they never take advantage or anything? It’s not like the UK site has a […]

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