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Minimum Wages Around The World

I realise that this may be a bit outdated: but mainly, I just wanted to question Cuba’s minimum wage of $0.01 per hour. Because that works out to roughly $9 per month (assuming that $0.01 wasn’t a round-up). I’m fairly sure that’s “working for free”. And they’re meant to be socialist… For an older post […]

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South Africa’s “Living Wage”

One of the policies that Thomas Piketty advocates for South Africa is the “right to a decent wage”. The issue of a minimum wage is a fraught one, so let me start with the main arguments against it. Here’s a video that explains it (and here’s the link for those reading it in their inbox): The main points […]

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McDonald’s: So Terrible With Its Low Salaries and Its Condescending Advice

I have recently discovered Reddit. Although, if I’m honest: in a virtual world of aesthetic websites and user-friendliness, it feels like rummaging around in a trash can. However, it is the place where most of the stories that go viral have their genesis (or, rather, where it’s where you first see them happening). So occasionally, […]

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Minimum Wages: Why They Don’t Work

So minimum wages… Minimum wage: the lowest amount that an employer can legally pay an employee. It is also the lowest amount that an employee can ask to be paid – but that generally tends to be less of an issue. Also, it doesn’t really apply to illegal immigrants. Here’s the general supportive stance: higher […]

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