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India’s jaw-dropping money experiment

Thou shalt not use cash

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bond market

Abenomics 105: Nationalise The Bond Market?

Some QE alternatives...

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A World Without Cash?

Last night, I went grocery shopping – which is one of my favourite things about living in a modern city. Having grown up in a temporal backwater, it still gives me a thrill to be able to go in search of raspberries and low fat yogurt long after the traditional closing time of 4:30pm. As an aside, it gives […]

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interest rates cartoon

How The Repo Rate Affects You

And how interest rates are set. Kind of.

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Bitcoin: the Art of Free Market Currency

Link: Dear Austrians – thoughts? Bitcoin looks to me like a free market currency. Some background: most Austrian economists agree that the Reserve Banks and the banking system (and government intervention) are responsible for all the world’s financial evils. Or, at least, for making them far worse than what they need to be. One of their […]

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Link: it’s like the American Version of a British sitcom, except less funny. In a month of grand measures, Ben Bernanke came out of the monetary closet and announced a string of homeownersexually-stimulating parties by buying up $40 billion of MBS a month. The key points: Open-ended Purchases Of $40 billion worth of mortgage securities […]

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inflatation tax

Inflation: Yes, It’s a Tax

It's a tax on cash.

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