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When would gold become worthless?

When gold would be worthless

The psychology of gold, its value, and money

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Commodity-Based Currency. And goats.

Commodity-Based Currency: The Problems With Goats

Goats being used to pay school fees is one thing - but is there a better commodity-based currency out there? And would it be better than fiat money?

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The decline of the US dollar

The US Dollar’s Buying Power, Over Time

But more importantly, how many pairs of patent leather shoes could you buy today?

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money, value, and one dollar bills

Money: What Gives A Dollar Bill Its Value?

An awesome youtube clip about what gives money its value. You should watch it.

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seigniorage and coins

Seigniorage and Issuing Coins: All The Money To Be Made

When is a currency worth the paper that it's printed on? And what is seigniorage anyway?

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Are we heading for Financial Armageddon?

The internet is filled with financial prophets of doom, all proclaiming the Fiat Money End Times. Should we be worried that they're right?

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Money: the chicken or egg argument

Money or Credit: Which Came First?

Money has its own chicken or egg argument. Did we start by bartering, or did we start bartering because we could no longer trade favours?

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No more cash

The War on Cash

Both governments and central banks have a clear vested interest in forcing us to go cashless. But there are consequences.

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Cashless society

Cashless Living: But Will It Be Worth It?

As we reach the end of the bank note era, let's ask ourselves why we're hitting this point. And whether we shouldn't reverse a bit. #cashisking #regicide

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The rise of Zcash

Explaining Zcash: Anonymity Matters

Zcash is the newest cryptocurrency. Spoiler alert: it uses bizarre mathematical proofs to create anonymity. I try to explain it with Chinese food.

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