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retirement saving

Retirement Savings: Why Isn’t There Enough?

Be warned: much financial self-help is far too self-serving.

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index-linked funds and hedge funds

The Warren Buffett Bet: Index-Linked Funds FTW

9 years ago, Warren Buffett took a 10 year bet on low cost index-linked funds. He said they'd outperform hedge funds. He's already calling it a victory.

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The Rise of ETFs and Passive Investing

What the cool money is doing...

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An Awkward Lack of a Feedback Loop

Well this was deeply shame-making...

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The big Active vs Passive Debate – mostly irrelevant?

Well, yes. Especially if you're a retail investor making small monthly contributions.

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Smart Beta? Sounds complicated. Almost certainly is.

The oxymoron of active-passive funds

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The Perils of Passive Investing

I’m a big fan of ye olde passively-traded exchange-traded fund (I’ve spoken about this plenty of times, but mostly here). As is Mr Buffett (see here). However. I feel it’s important to point out a cautionary tale. Mainly because: all things in moderation. And when things are not in moderation, it can all go horribly wrong. […]

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Exchange-Traded Funds: Where I Would Put My Savings Today

I recently got asked what I would do with all the spare cash that I had just lying around at the end of each month. Fortunately, there is an easy answer to this question: I rarely have any spare cash lying around. In my head, it’s because I try to live by my own philosophy: which […]

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