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poverty diversity

Poverty Diversity

There seems to be a direct correlation between diversity and poverty....

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rich and poor countries

Why some countries are poor and others are rich

Apparently, we should blame corruption and 'clan-based thinking' and pestilence. While rich countries get full marks for not having those. MADDENING.

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The End of World Poverty

Some good news

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It’s Expensive to be Poor


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Poor People Don’t Think Like Rich People

Why it makes sense to buy a TV and forgo the food.

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Poverty Prejudice: Hand to Mouth

In a nutshell: poor people can't buy in bulk.

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Welfare and Entitlements

I’m afraid that I’m away again for a few days – away from reasonable internet, specifically. So I have a few scheduled posts coming up of video infographics that I’ve found especially awesome. I’m starting with this magnificent¬†video clip on welfare and entitlement. Just magnificent*. *my email subscribers probably won’t be able to watch this […]

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Willy’s Choke-a-lot Factory has arrived in South Africa. I have seen the adverts on M-net. Welcome welcome. Your adverts are so Madam-&-Eve-style cute. So you know how I’m such a fan of microcredit? And how I love me a payday loan? Because they never take advantage or anything? It’s not like the UK site has a […]

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Charity: Do It Directly, In Cash

There is something about a bleeding heart liberal that is irksome. And I realise that this surprises no one at all, because (I’m told) the list of things that I don’t find irksome is a short one. Although, if I was to offer a defence, it would be that the irksome list is not long […]

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The Poverty Line

Planet Money is one of my favourite new pastimes. I consume their podcasts like sugar-free candy – in traffic, while cooking dinner, at no time in moderation. It also helps that they’re unashamed about opening proceedings with the occasional P!nk song. But sometimes, you get episodes like Episode #487. Episode #487 is called “The Trouble […]

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