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State Bank… But why though?

Why does the retail banking sector fail the unbanked and SMEs? And would a state bank really do it better?

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The SARB: nationalisation is NOT the issue

Ownership of the SARB is not the problem here. The public protector is.

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Yes, the SARB is privately owned. And?

Like any good university student, I was introduced to “The Zeitgeist” movies by a pot-smoking friend who’d seed it with his idealistic crew of anarchist buddies. And I guess that college is the best time to delve deep into those conspiracy theories around cabals of bankers and the Christ-Horus and the evil machinations of the US […]

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SARB: so how did Gill Marcus do though?

So Gill Marcus has had her last speech as SARB governor, and by next month, we’ll officially have a new one. Specifically, Mr Lesetja Kganyago. Mostly, I have been entertained by the internet trolls with all their wildly racist commentary – as though Gill Marcus wasn’t a member of the ANC and an anti-apartheid activist. […]

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