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The Curious Penny Stock Named Cynk. And a scheme!

Attention everyone, meet is a social media website, started by this man: Kenny Blaque AKA Kenneth Carter is an events promoter from Vegas. His business idea: That is: If you’re connected, monetise your connections by selling a slot of your time! And If you want to get connected, pay someone famous to meet […]

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Short-Selling: A Basic Guide to Market Roiling

Let’s start with a hypothetical bank share belonging to a Spanish Bank called Santander*, that is currently trading at €4.23 a share. Now ordinarily (ie. in a world without short-selling), I have some limited options: If I think that the share price will go up to, say, €5.23 – then I go and buy the share […]

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Books: The Big Short

Michael Lewis. That guy is awesome. So. The Big Short is my first pick of books that must be read on the Subprime Crisis. It is that good that I have bought it, given it away, bought it again, given it away again, and finally bought it as an iBook. But that doesn’t stop me […]

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