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tax rate hikes

Tax Hikes for Everyone #SABudget2017/2018

Lots of people are upset about the new tax bracket. Worry about your own.

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South african tax budget

South African Tax: A Refresher

Tomorrow is budget day. This is a quick reminder of where we stood, this time last year.

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rands and effective tax rates

South Africa: Effective Tax Rates

Taking those tax tables and turning them into graphs. Also, actual real-life tax rates.

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A South African National Minimum Wage

The yay and nay arguments

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South Africa’s Scary ‘Debt-to-GDP’ Graph

Amongst similarly-scary graphs from other countries... #perspective

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Is that downgrade coming?

A somewhat belated response to a somewhat curiously-timed bond issue.

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GDP, Math, and the ‘3.3% Annualised’

Is it really a 3.3% improvement? Well, no.

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Junk Status: How It Affects You, Sir. Yes, You.

What it really means to be junked.

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South Africa’s Stealth Taxes

When you pay more because other people refuse to pay at all.

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