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Closing thought (which was actually my first thought): "New glasses! Snazzy. But full frames are back in this season. Fyi."

SONA 2016

The Rolling Alpha summary of 2016's State of the Nation address.

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i came in like a wrecking ball

A Foxtrot of Finance Ministers #SA

What a weekend

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Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 8.13.47 AM

The Government Wage Bill, Compared

Let's do what China does

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South Africa Projected Tax Collections 2015

How South African Non-Income Taxes Are Paid

Is the SA tax-system truly progressive?

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Who pays tax in South Africa

But who pays South Africa’s tax?

I made some graphs

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Wealth Inequality, Thomas Piketty and Land Reform

I paraphrased Piketty's return to 'patrimonial capitalism'. It's more interesting than it sounds #nerd

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South Africa and Credit Rating Downgrades

I recently subscribed to the ZAR podcast on itunes. I am enjoying it thoroughly, and highly recommend a listen if you’re here in South Africa and/or interested in the South African economy. One of the big areas of concern in the current conversation on SA is the looming likelihood of more credit rating downgrades. And, I guess, there […]

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low cost

The Low Cost Of South African Living

Why it's cheap to live here. And it has something to do with housing.

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SA, and the “only having two years left” book

This article is doing the rounds on my Facebook newsfeed: “Asking RE Johnson why SA only has two years left“. I actually read it some time ago, but the article came from – and in my experience, their news tend to be more inflammatory than necessary. And the title is well-misleading – it should […]

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Tax Free Savings and such. With graphs.

While I was taking a long weekend, looking at things like this: And this: And this: South Africa’s National Treasury announced the final details of its Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA). Exciting stuff, eh? The Basic Background National Treasury is concerned about the lack of savings amongst middle class South Africans. National Treasury is particularly […]

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