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land expropriation

Land Expropriation: Once Expropriated…

You have to keep it expropriated. And that is not so easy.

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the ramaphosa cabinet

The Ramaphosa Cabinet

This cabinet makes me feel good.

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cyril ramaphosa for christmas

South Africa: a Cyril Ramaphosa for Christmas

Although this gift feels like it was expensive.

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Join the protest

Should you ever join the protest?

Yes, it's a debate that we keep having. It's probably important that we keep having it.

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#AntiZumaMarches: This Civil Protest

Yoh. Some of these sign. My word.

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The Pravin Gordhan scorecard

The Pravin Gordhan Scorecard

Placing both terms as finance minister into context.

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The SA Finance Minister dance continues…

Next up: Malusi Gigaba. Pravhin, thanks for playing.

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Why Local Government Elections Matter

And why a DA-EFF coalition makes a lot more sense than you think.

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SA, and the “only having two years left” book

This article is doing the rounds on my Facebook newsfeed: “Asking RE Johnson why SA only has two years left“. I actually read it some time ago, but the article came from – and in my experience, their news tend to be more inflammatory than necessary. And the title is well-misleading – it should […]

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New Visa Laws, New Road Laws, that FICA abomination…FOR WHAT

First off, I don’t mind a bit of government regulation. I just don’t believe that the free market functions as well as we would like it to. It would be great to say “Hey – leave it alone. It’ll all work out. Really.” But whenever I’m presented with that particular line of argument (hope?), I […]

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