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wealth tax and income tax

Wealth Taxes: We Already Pay Them

Personal Income Tax is already a wealth tax. It seems to me that what we really have here is a framing problem. But we can fix that.

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A Trumpian tax cut

Mr Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut

Who doesn't love a tax cut? Well, let me answer that question.

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company tax

Company Tax Rates Around The World

Getting hot under the collar, and here are the top and bottom 20 countries.

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Dividends and dividend withholding tax

Dividend Withholding Tax: The Cost

I'm not sure that we're angry enough.

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taxation and beer

A Taxation Parable: Paying for Beers

Beers are refreshing. This taxation story...needs to be refreshed.

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All the Apple Tax DRAMA

This was fun to write. Also, the EU Commission has gone mad.

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The Multinational Tax Fallacy

You can't talk about claiming money that should never have been yours...

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The Laffer Curve…

The art of maximising tax revenues.

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“Cut Taxes to Boost Economy and Reduce Inflation”

Oh Kansas. That didn't really work now, did it? How awkward.

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Ten Men Go Out For A Beer…

Surprise! This isn't really a good analogy for a tax system. Also, here's my alternative take.

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