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The Amateur Investor: Stock up on Protein

Right. I lost my metaphor mojo somewhere back in June – but it’s back, it’s a new year, and I’m ready to roll with the food allegory. So let’s talk about equity. In journalistic lingo, any and all of the following words and phrases have something to do with it: shares, stocks, stakes, stock splits, […]

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The Amateur Investor: A Guide to Basic Nutrition

In the world of what to consume and when to consume it, the underlying catch-all is water. The financial equivalent is cash. No doubt. We all need a fairly constant amount every day. Luckily for most people, it rains on payday, and then you collect it and ration it out until the next rainy day. […]

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The Amateur Investor: An Introduction To Supermarkets

I have been inspired. Recently, I was out for dinner. And the topic of retirement savings came up*. This is an interesting topic. Mostly because I have spent the last two years of my working life pooh-poohing the idea in the most vocal way possible. And by that, I mean constant complaints about the monthly […]

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