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Overpopulation and the new Dan Brown novel

Two weeks ago, I zipped through the latest Dan Brown book. And it was awesome. Obviously, there are the critics – but I love pacey detective thrillers that involve puzzles and artefacts and surprise twists that aren’t altogether that surprising. And much like Michael Crichton’s style of story-telling, each Dan Brown book plays around with […]

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The GDP Spiral: Contraction, Recession, Depression

In the BBC newsfeed this morning: “Eurozone recession continues into sixth quarter.“ The headline made me think about how most of us know the words “recession” and “depression” as interchangeable jargon used by the business news anchor. Also: “contraction”. It’s the kind of language that floats ominously around the TV room while you’re tweeting an […]

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Some Gratitude

I just want to thank everyone that has done the following since I started writing: subscribed to the blog; re-tweeted a post; shared the blog posts on facebook; made a topic request; contributed; commented; congratulated; and/or let me know when there’s grammar or arithmetic that needed correcting. It’s clichéd, but the support does make it […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Thursday 20 December

In which: General Motors does a share buyback in order to buy jets, I list the highlights of the UBS Libor report [too much awesome!], and Kodak prepares to not be bankrupt. Good morning The headlines: GM to buyback shares from the US government. Link: sunk losses. General Motors was at the heart of the Romney-Obama conflict: […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Friday 2 November

Good morning The headlines: Apple gets a slap. Link: can it cut a break, or do we all love to hate? Apple finally posted that apology on its website (for as long as it’s still up, which won’t be long, here’s the link). The basic summary is as follows: And/or: “But, like, either way, check […]

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The Invisible Hand

Because this is only 60 seconds but it’s awesome. And that’s Ben Bernanke playing with levers.

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Tax: it’s important

Attention: Microsoft. Guys, as tax practitioners, we just want to say that you should be careful about not doing bad stuff. Pay your taxes. And floss. Love: the United States Senate

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Friday 7 September

Good morning The normal note about subscribing: if you’d like to receive the daily posts by mail, you can sign up at the top of the sidebar → The headlines: UNLIMITED BOND BUYING. Link: they did it. Wrote about it here. China’s investment in infrastructure. Link: the building of roads. 2,018 km of road. That is […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Thursday 6 September

Good morning Note: to subscribe and receive the daily posts by mail, please sign up on the top of the sidebar.  The headlines: Bill Clinton nominates Obama at Democratic Convention. Link: Hillary, he’s cheating again. The Democrat Convention. And Bill Clinton telling the world that Obama “inherited a deeply damaged economy, put a floor under […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Wednesday 29 August

Good morning An observation: if you would like to receive posts via email, please sign up at the top of the sidebar on the Home page. The headlines (and it’s a Republican-themed day): Mitt Romney gets nominated. Link: and Ron Paul gets cheered. Well this isn’t really a surprise – but I suppose it’s all […]

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