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venezuela price controls

Venezuela and its price controls

All the craziness. I mean: genuine, certifiable craziness.

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venezuela hyperinflation

Why The Venezuela Hyperinflation Perpetuates

When your army gets hired out from under you...

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Venezuela and the most valuable company in the world

The world's most valuable company is in Venezuela.

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Venezuela. And A Rolling Alpha Update.

Good morning, all. I’m back! Or, at least, I’ll be properly back from Monday. And in my ‘absence’ from the daily posts, it appears that you all got spammed. For those that didn’t catch my apologies and explanations on Facebook and Twitter, here is what happened: For the last month or so, in the background, […]

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Venezuelan Shopping

Here is a youtube¬†clip that was reasonably entertaining (although I’m not sure if entertaining is the right word). For those of you reading this in your inbox, here is the link: “Watch What Happened When A Reporter Tried To Buy 8 Basic Goods in Venezuela“. It’ll take you 3 minutes, give or take some buffering […]

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