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VIX: The Measure of Psychic Distress

Two posts: All The Fuss About Financial Stress Levels (involving end-of-the-world predictions and some reasonable alternative interpretations). All The Fuss About Volatility (involving Latina shares and the up-and-down search for companionship). To summarise: People panic about the world. Some people panic by looking at the St Louis Fed Financial Stress index (I know – seems a strange […]

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All the fuss about volatility…

So I wanted to write about the VIX (as promised in last week’s post on financial stress levels), but I realised that I needed to start with volatility. Volatility is a buzzword. And it’s not a bad buzzword – the finance-y folk love it. Permit me a metaphor. Let’s assume that you’re this totally hot rich guy, […]

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