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The Warren Buffett Bet

Betting on index-linked funds and lower fees.

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Warren Buffett 2015/2016 Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of (what I think are) the highlights from the 2015 Shareholder Letter. I really should call this “the accounting edition”. On sharing: It’s better to have a partial interest in the Hope Diamond than to own all of a rhinestone. On bisexual business: Our flexibility in capital allocation – our willingness to invest large […]

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Warren Buffett 2015/2016 Part 1

Here’s Part 1 of (what I think are) the highlights from the 2015 Shareholder Letter. On math: Some commentators bemoan our current 2% per year growth in real GDP – and, yes, we would all like to see a higher rate. But let’s do some simple math using the much-lamented 2% figure. That rate, we will […]

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The Warren Buffett 2013 Highlights

Another year has gone, another Warren Buffett letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders (and the world) has come out. You could read the full text here, but it’s 23 pages, some of which is financial data, most of which is financial commentary related to specific entities within the Berkshire portfolio. So this summary is a selection […]

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buffett gold

Gold: the Buffett Opinion

Spoiler alert: he's not a fan. At least, not in public.

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Wednesday 18 April

Good morning The headlines: Good news: the IMF has increased its global economic forecasts and Spain sold more debt than expected. And as I see most mornings, this has affected Asian Stock Markets (which makes sense – I do these posts first thing on a South African morning, so I get the Asian news). Spain’s […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Monday 27 February

Good morning The headlines: In Eurozone news, there is talk that the EU countries are going to consider increasing the bailout limit on its member countries. The European Stability Mechanism has 500 billion euro sitting in it – which makes it the effective cap on total internal bailout funds available. Sadly, the G20 has just […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Friday 10 February

Good morning The news: The Greek Bailout package has been withheld until the new austerity measures are voted into law. That’s really the full story. At least the EC & Co have realised that promises aren’t the same as legislation. Politicians are politicians, after all. Asian stocks are falling – and the journalists say that […]

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