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Why Switzerland Should Pay People For Being Alive

Referendums and coinage-based protests

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Why Do The Middle Classes In South Africa Pay Their Domestic Workers Such Low Wages?

Here is an article that I read yesterday: “Why Do The Middle Classes In South Africa Pay Their Domestic Workers Such Low Wages?” It’s written by a Human Rights graduate student at Columbia University in New York, with interests in women’s rights, youth and gender in Southern Africa. I don’t really want to turn this […]

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The Hubbub About Global Wealth Inequality

Following on from my earlier posts on US wealth inequality, I went looking and found another (more awesome) clip – this time, it’s on global wealth inequality. If you haven’t watched this video, you should (it’s slick): And here’s the link for anyone that can’t see it in their inbox. If you’re happy to take […]

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Dear Top 1%. It’s Time To Panic.

I’ve been trying to write this piece on “Reasons why Inequality is a problem for Rich People” for three days now – but I got side-tracked by: Foolishness (The US Inequality Myth); and Ascribing blame (The US Inequality Culprits: Women, Asia and Insatiability). To begin, an anecdote. I live in Johannesburg, and one of my […]

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The US Inequality Culprits: Women, Asia, and Insatiability

This is a follow-on from yesterday’s post on wealth inequality in the United States*. To begin, here’s the picture that riles: *and I must apologise to my blog subscribers – it seems that WordPress is not a fan of sending youtube clips out via email. Here’s the link to the video clip I was discussing […]

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The US Inequality Myth. Sort of.

The world is filled with ranters*: *myself included And you should watch it. It raises some interesting points. Here’s the summary: Some researchers found a reasonably large sample size of Americans. They asked the sample to hypothetically split the US population into fifths. And then take the US accumulated wealth of around $54 trillion, and […]

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