This morning, the Story of Money podcast released its fourth episode: All About Cryptocurrency! And Blockchain! And Bitcoin!

More importantly, we finally made it onto iTunes (here’s the link), so you can subscribe in your podcast app.

In this Cryptocurrency Episode…

Basically, Andy gives the rundown on:

  1. The history of digital money on the internet;
  2. How the financial crisis gave us Bitcoin;
  3. How Bitcoin is actually a protocol, not just a digital currency token;
  4. The cryptocurrency ecosystem!
  5. How blockchain is not a word that blockchain programmers believe in;
  6. Why ‘blockchain tech’ might mean that you’ll never have to FICA/RICA/present-copies-of-your-proof-of-residence ever again. And they’re already building the app.

Here’s a shameless appeal: PLEASE subscribe and give us an iTunes rating if you’re a fan of our work. It’s been a real labour of love. And I mean real love. As in: not the soft fuzzy kind. Rather: the dogged persistent gritting-teeth-through-the-commitment-of-learning-how-to-edit-on-garageband-from-scratch kind. Which is also my way of saying sorry for the occasional audio issue. I hope you can overlook it!

There are four episodes up and available for you to listen to. We have three more in the editing pipeline. And a whole bunch of recordings planned for when Andy and I can find time in our diaries.

Here’s the iTunes link again: Story of Money podcast.

I’m excited to hear what you think!

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